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Floating Solar Panels

VRL Series

AGM 2V Series VRLA Batteries from 200Ah to 3000Ah

Voltage class


Capacity range



Reserve Power Battery

  • Long design life

  • Low self-discharge rate

  • High specific energy density

  • Excellent high rate discharge performance

  • Application: telecom systems, UPS/EPS, control systems, electric power systems, etc.

Technical Features

  • VRL series is a general purpose battery with 20 years design life in float service. 

  • With heavy duty grids, thicker plates, special additives and updated AGM valve regulated technology, the VRL series battery provides consistent performance and long service life. The new grid design effectively reduces the internal resistance, which provides higher specific energy density and excellent high rate discharge characteristics. 

  • It is suitable for communications back-up power and EPS/UPS applications .

Technical Specifications

Our Manufacturer Capacity
Veken Technology

Veken Technology, a member of Veken Group's new energy sector, was established in 1998 and is now a publicly traded company on the A-share market (Stock: 600152). Veken Technology operates three production bases, employs over 4,000 staff, including more than 300 R&D and design professionals, and holds approximately 400 invention patents.

\We produce a full range of AGM, GEL, Deep Cycle, Lead Carbon, OPzV, OPzS, Traction (DIN/BS) Lead Acid batteries, and Lithium batteries for various industrial applications such as Energy Storage, Solar Systems, UPS, Motive Vehicles, etc.


Experts with over 20 years battery production experience to ensure the high quality of products 

in Production area:70,000 square meters


System Certifications:

Product Certifications:


  • Provincial-level Research Center

  • Academician Workstation

  • Over 400 engineers

  • Testing Center

  • Prestigious partners with universities/institutions in the field of electronic chemistry

quality control

  • Test and verify the material performance

  • Test the final product in all aspects

  • Sampling inspection in the laboratory

  • Average cell testing items exceed 100

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