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Veken Group Celebrates 26th Anniversary with Green Energy Technology Ecosystem Strategy Launch

On May 18, 2024, Veken Group celebrated its 26th anniversary, marking a significant milestone in our journey. To showcase the development of our green energy technology ecosystem, focus on key project progress, expand our external ecosystem, and enhance our strategic image, we organized a grand anniversary celebration and strategic launch event. The event saw the participation of our senior and middle management, as well as our esteemed partners.

During the event, attendees toured our exhibition hall, revisiting the evolution of our green energy technology ecosystem strategy. They gained deeper insights into the latest developments in our three major sectors: Veken Textiles, Veken Technology, and Veken IoT, as well as our investment headquarters.

In his concluding remarks, Chairman He reviewed the history of our technological innovations, from pioneering fiber technology to collaborations in new energy and advanced screen printing technology, and the creation of a high-tech container digital platform and management of national-level funds. These efforts have cumulatively contributed to our green energy technology achievements. Our extensive experience in the textile and new energy sectors, coupled with our robust R&D and financial capabilities, has provided a solid foundation for delivering exceptional products and services to our clients.

Chairman He emphasized that over the past twenty-six years, we have consistently adhered to our technological principles and the concept of co-creation partnerships. It is the collective effort and unity of our team that has built our strong and enduring foundation. Today, lithium and sodium batteries, energy storage, and advanced fibers are driving the green energy revolution. We have a clearer strategic direction for our green energy technology ecosystem, and we are more committed than ever to serving our clients and contributing to the green energy cause.

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