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About Us

Founded in 1905 and evolving into a multi-billion comprehensive high-tech manufacturing platform, Veken Group has, through its key sector Veken Industry established in 1998, excelled in textile OEM services and diversified supply chain management, thereby solidifying its global market reputation through subsidiaries like Ningbo Dunhuang.


We offer one-stop services from design, product development, procurement, quality assurance, and compliance to logistics. Therefore we foster strong relationships with 5000+ qualified supplies and offer customized and flexible services to overseas clients, which have led us to become a company with $30 million in annual turnover.


Our influence extends globally, with significant investments across various regions including the USA, Europe, Japan, Africa, South America, Australia and we kick into the rest of world.

Headquartered in Ningbo, the company also maintains offices in East Africa, Japan, Hong Kong, West Europe.

Proudly embracing our role as pioneers in international trade, we celebrate not only our illustrious history in textile trading but also our ventures into new categories since 2020, signaling our commitment to innovation and adaptability in an ever-changing global marketplace.

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