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Save money, save time, guaranteed quality, assured delivery, free product design, packaging & shelving design, one-stop solutions for your business.

Design and Product development

To meet clients' integrated needs, we offer a ranges of design services for apparel and textile categories.

Our expertise spans from material selection and pattern design to graphic design and packaging redesign, aiming to fulfill diverse demands.

Our team closely follows fashion market trends, aiming to provide design drafts that meet real-time needs, while also offering customized design solutions. 

  • In-house Design Team

  • Trend research and new Design concept

  • Fabric research

  • Custom branding

  • Packing redesign

Fashion Dress Illustrations_edited_edited.jpg

Strategic Sourcing

To meet the diverse needs of the customized demand, we are committed to providing multi-category, multi-stage, high-standard procurement services.

Our process encompasses from raw material procurement, and alternate market sourcing to factory sourcing and auditing. Whether for brand merchants or large retailers, our professional sourcing team is ready to offer you high-quality services and optimize your costs. 

  • New vendor sourcing

  • Market development reports

  • Alternative vendor sourcing

  • Raw material procurement

  • Factory sourcing

  • Reducing costs at each stage of production

  • Vendor capacity, performance monitoring


Production and Quality Control

We offer high flexibility for our clients with low Minimum Order Quantities, quick response, and fast delivery times.
To better preemptively address issues in the production process, we are committed to rigorous upfront control during the initial sampling phase. This includes steps like confirmation of raw materials, Lab dip verification, quality testing, etc., all aimed at ensuring the highest quality delivery. To better control the quality of finished products, our Quality Control team continuously monitors production progress, ensuring that problems are identified and resolved early and that delivery deadlines are accurately met.

  • Styling evaluation

  • Lab dip approval

  • Material quality check

  • Quality Control

  • Pilot-run, inline & final inspection

  • Order management

  • Traning of suppliers


Strong Finance Background

Veken Group, our parent company, is a high-tech industrial investment group with a scale of 10 billion.

With the strong financial foundation provided by Veken group, we able to offer unparalleled stability and confidence in every transaction. This robust financial support enables us to invest in quality resources, maintain competitive pricing, and ensure the reliability of our supply chain, giving our clients the assurance they need in a dynamic global market.

  • Currency hedging

  • Vendor financing services

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